St. Anthony Park Area Seniors volunteers will provide seasonal outdoor chore support for services such as spring garden clean out and fall yard raking.  These chores are typically finished on a single day.  Ongoing yard maintenance is not provided by volunteers.  Call the office to find out other resources for ongoing yard maintenance.  

Seniors who are 60 or older and reside in the St. Anthony Park Area Seniors service are eligible for this service.

There is no charge for this service.   Donations are requested, but not required.

A lead time of one week is needed for this service. *There is an annual deadline for requesting fall raking.  

Use contact form or call the St. Anthony Park Area Seniors office to inquire about this service.

"I wanted to let you know how well the teenagers did on the leaf raking job.  They were well prepared, well organized, and worked steadily.  They were a pleasure to deal with and listened carefully, followed directions well, cooperated with each other in an excellent way.  Thank you so much for arranging this.  You can be proud to send them on any job."

Clay C.

Raking volunteers